The Distractions Holding Us Back


I was never a shopaholic (only because I was too poor) but I vividly remember shopping to fill an emotional void. To numb loneliness and self hatred, to entertain, to belong, to feel happy. The energy was frantic and futile.

I see this energy in my 3-year old who demands I buy the shiny unicorn she sees on TV.

I see this energy in my clients who waste countless hours scrolling the internet, seeking the miracle weight loss cure. Weight loss is the illusion covering the true desire to be happy, to belong, to be loved and accepted.

Unicorns, material possessions and weight loss are distractions that keep us from doing the hard work, the heart work.

What if we re-invested some our TV time, our shopping time, our internet search time in walking, meditating, seeing a therapist - activities that lead to the outcomes we seek - physical and emotional health and peace.