Your Body-Honoring Choices


A teen struggles to moderate her affinity for fast food. She knows it isn’t morally wrong to eat fast food, yet it dishonors her body (she feels ill after, and it clashes with her values of eating in a way “that makes her blood healthy” - isn’t that a profound way of looking at it?).

Mom enables by taking her kids to fast food, reasoning that her 6’2, rail-thin brother “can get away with it” but her teen daughter can’t.

Which is exactly what our diet culture perpetuates - different standards for different shapes.

I call bullshit.

Anyone can choose to have fast food anytime. It isn’t a matter of earning/deserving/being allowed/worthy to eat it. It neither damns the soul nor honors the body. It is a choice. Nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine how much easier it would be to choose real foods when it isn’t about morality (good/bad, right/wrong) or about worth (deservedness), rather, about what is the most body-honoring choice one can make in the moment? About answering a simple question, “does this make my blood healthy?”

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