The Heart of the Matter


This is what chronic dieting looks like when you’re 70 (excerpts from a real conversation)…

...I hate my body

...If I could only lose 10 pounds I’d be happy with my body

…except that I wasn’t happy with my body 10 pounds ago friends are doing "X diet, should I be?

...I can’t handle the thought of another crash diet.  I have literally tried every diet out there

...I’m sick of being hungry and fighting cravings

...I hate my wrinkles

...I hate that I hate my wrinkles

...I hate that I obsess about this all

Sound familiar?  

This is the same conversation chronic dieters have at 15, 25, 30, 45, 60 and each year in between.  Attaining a specific number on the scale doesn’t make you love your body, trust your body or treat your body well.  This is a heart issue not a body issue. Find a therapist. Stop wasting your precious life.

Please, be grateful that you are alive, hug your grand kids, move your body, eat well, and also eat that goddamn birthday cake.