Love What You’ve Got Before It’s Gone

Savor and enjoy

Sorry for our ‘pause’. The last few months have been sad and difficult. But we are back and look forward to sharing and connecting with you again. Thank you for your patience!

My best friend would’ve been 40 today. When she found out she had terminal cancer, she chose to live surrounded by family, basting in love, enjoying food and wine. It was cruelly, bittersweet.

I recently watched another 40-year old friend starve from liver cancer and my best friend’s mom just left the hospital for Hospice. F*&k cancer!

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

This on my mind and heart, I overheard two women in a dressing room, “I’m too chunky for this skirt. I’ll buy it anyway to inspire myself to fit into it.” I wanted to hug, then slap the diet culture out of them. F*&k self-imposed starvation!

This isn’t survivor-guilt-laden permission to carte blanche eat, drink and be merry. It is a reminder to chew and savor, to choose your food wisely, to set down your phone and be present with yourself and companions. In so doing, by fully living, we defy cancer and death.

Love what you’ve got before it’s gone.